How we do it

The sharpest minds and tools in the industry
We have the sharpest minds and tools in the industry.

To offer the very best in sports business evaluation and consulting, the most important resource we have is our people. We are a technology-led business and accordingly have backgrounds in Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics, Engineering and the Sciences. Common to us all is a passion for the business of sport.

The following is a selection of our key tools:


Audiences for any event. ViewerTrack delivers accurate and trusted in-home, out-of-home and digital audiences for any broadcast event. Using audited data, mathematical modelling and 15 years of historical data, we provide trusted numbers for over 200 countries.


Our suite of ExposureTrack monitoring tools digitally measures brand presence across all media – TV, press, web, radio.

Consumer Research

We use a range of techniques to track and analyse consumers, from survey research to social media sentiment tracking to statistical analysis.


We build dashboards fit for purpose according to specific client requirements.

We report through interactive, user-friendly and web-based dashboards. In our experience this is the most efficient way to handle the huge volume of data generated in today's digital world.

Accurate: No precision is lost in transferring data, both client and Futures log-in to exactly the same location for datasets and reports.

Insightful: Data can be deeply interrogated on the web. All the maths takes place behind the scene, enabling you to focus on the results and their commercial significance.

Tailored: Complex data are presented in a way that is simple, clear and tailored to client needs. Data can be visualised in terms of maps, charts and tables to ensure their relevance both from a research and sales perspective.

All your data in one place

Multiple tabs for your different information.

Impactful visualisation

View data in table format, or choose from a range of visualisation options.

Focus in on key data

Intuitive controls to filter and select data for display.

Bespoke look and feel

Customised skins create a visually appealing interface.

Powerful analytics

Dynamic tables and pivot functionality to explore data and uncover insights.

Fully exportable

Export data to Excel, PowerPoint, or any other required format.

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