What we do

The whole sports media and fan landscape
We cover the whole sports media and fan landscape.

Using proprietary in-house software and analytical techniques we track, assess and optimise the presence, value and impact of your brand – be you a rights holder or sponsor – from visibility to behaviour and purchase.

Who watches?

We deliver accurate in-home, out-of-home and digital audience numbers for any broadcast event in over 200 countries worldwide. We are global experts in this field, and provide insight and context in addition to the raw numbers.

What do they see?

Our ExposureTrack service digitally measures brand exposure from every medium – visual, audio, text – and through mathematical, sports and media expertise we are able to understand what drives exposure, and how to maximise it.

What is its media value?

By applying actual advertising rates (sourced from our global IPG network) we deliver accurate and useable valuation of exposure, and advice on how to maximise it. We have a track record of delivering double digit increases in media value for our clients.

What is the consumer impact

We are experts in using quantitative and qualitative techniques to uncover how fans behave, understand what motivates them, and expose the commercial opportunities they bring.

What is the business impact

We provide clients with evaluation of impact across a broad range of measures, from marketing objectives to hard financial outcomes. We deliver both ROI and ROO, and work with clients to optimise returns.

We handle large quantities of data, allowing us to provide unique, actionable insights to clients.

But we also want our clients to be able to access all their data instantly – for this reason we deliver data through Client Interactive Web Dashboards, allowing instant access 24/7, full transparency and the ability to perform analysis in the cloud.
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